Apr 6, 2009

Phase 2: Week 3--Son's bedroom

Last week was definitely different from what I planned. That's how life goes, right?

I did indeed pinch something in my back. Thursday morning I did the hour on my bedroom which included moving some furniture. By Thursday afternoon I had some serious pain, numbness and tingling. It had eased by Friday and this morning (Monday) it seems to have pretty much behaved itself and calmed down. I am making sure to be careful as I do things, especially overhead, just to keep from irritating my nerves/muscles, etc.

I got my son's room done this morning, first thing. He was outside helping "Daddy" load his truck for work. That meant he was mostly running around the front yard kicking an empty milk jug around. The boy DOES have toys, but the milk jug must have had just the right sound when he kicked it.

I did not pull out any of the furniture. There are several heavy things in his room that will stay where they are until I decide to redecorate or we move! Because I was not hauling things around, the room too only 30 minutes. That means the upstairs is finished!!

The rooms I have left to do are small but detailed (eg the kitchen!). This is a good week to be cleaning the kitchen since Easter is Sunday.

My son's birthday is on Sunday, too. We're combining Easter dinner with his birthday party. Apparently we do our best to plan births near holidays in my family. My birthday was ON Thanksgiving this year and my niece's birthday is near Independence Day so we tend to do the party on the 4th. My older sister's birthday has landed on Mother's Day at times, my husband's birthday is the day after Election Day and my nephew's is ON Election Day. See what I mean?

Anyone else have a birthday on or near a holiday? Do you find it hard to balance the emphasis in celebrating both?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your back. I'm glad it's feeling better.

Last night I decided to attack my bathroom. I took about an hour because I decided to declutter all my toiletries and makeup at the same time. I was pretty tired when I was finished.

It was SO nice waking up to the clean bathroom this morning! I think I might pick up some flowers on the way home tonight to put on my nice clean counter.


Civilla said...

Oh, yes, spring cleaning! I'm putting it off!

Roxanne said...

Andrea--I ALWAYS take a moment to pat myself on the back and enjoy "the clean." Might as well!

Civilla--Spring just started so you have plenty of time!

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