Apr 7, 2009

Phase 2: Week 3--Office

I'm FINALLY getting to my office. The room is quite small. You'll see by the pictures that it was hard to get a good angle without suspending myself from the ceiling or something.

It took 53 minutes from taking everything out to putting it all back after cleaning. Small room--lots of stuff.

This room is a workhorse room. We pay bills, use the computers, run our business, and homeschool in this room. It's always the messiest room as a result.

To the right is my husband's "area." He likes to look out of the window when he's working. This view is from the door. The walls are actually a pale pink. The curtain material has pink roses on them.

This view is from the closet to the right of my husband's desk. Perhaps I should have gone IN to the closet to get the picture. That desk is "Command Central." The chairs are from my dining room set. I decided to use them rather than store them. The addition of the pillow makes it comfortable for working. On the wall is homeschooling stuff. My husband built a little desk (attached to the wall) for my son to use. There are times when all three of us are stuffed into this room working away.

This little shelf is tucked into the wall space next to husband's desk (closet directly on the right). It was originally for an encyclopedia set that my husband's grandparents had. The books were in bad shape, but I loved the shelf. Yes, that's my duster decorating the corner in an old milk bottle. Double duty. William Morris would be proud.

I am on the home stretch. Two more areas to go and I will be finished with Spring Cleaning! I'm really looking forward to the next phase which is "Beautify." For example, the curtain in my office is just a piece of fabric draped on a rod. A proper curtain will be formed from the material during the next phase.

Stand with me and admire my nice clean office. Can you feel the clean?


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