Apr 8, 2009

Again, go with the flow

I'm all about flexibility. Ever since I had my child I've found that flexibility is pretty much a necessity. Our son arrived in our 17th year of marriage. You can imagine how much my life changed! Seventeen years of everything being (and staying) where I put it. No regular interruptions to my sleep patterns or schedule.

That's OK. I can barely remember what life was like before he became a part of our lives. His presence has provided frustration, tears (mine), joy, pleasure, and a depth of love I never dreamed possible.

His birthday is this Sunday. He will turn 7. He has spent the last two weeks attempting to micro-manage the planning of his gift choices and party. We had some last minute things to get to so I decided to run the errands today. In the stores he saw many things to add to his list of "wants." After many discourses about being grateful for what he already has, being ready to receive with gratitude WHATEVER he may get, and considering his guests needs and tastes as well as his own, well, I'm tired.

So, I switched today and tomorrow. No spring cleaning today.

Besides, I have to get the taxes done. (Yay.) But at least I have a nice clean office in which to spread out all the tax papers! My husband commented that he could see the "clean" under all the paperwork stacks. I can feel it.

That's good because I need all the help I can get as I tackle the taxes!


Anonymous said...

Another room done!

I have made it a point to stand and appreciate all my work.

I agree with you. You CAN feel the clean!


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