Apr 9, 2009

Phase 2: Week 3--Laundry/Mud Room

Today's mission--the laundry/mud room. This room is very small yet it contained a TON of stuff. The picture below will attest to the many uses this little area receives.

The door from our garage comes into the tiny "mud" area. The concept of a mudroom is new to me. I grew up in Florida and had never heard that term. Now I wouldn't want to be without one!

To the left you see the garage door. You can see the arm of the couch that is in the "seating area."

To the right you see the entrance to the laundry area. The boot tray is a staple in the mudroom.

The former owners of the house ran out of money before they finished tiling the area. They left the original linoleum in the laundry part. Perhaps in the "beautify" phase we can do something about that.

Another tight squeeze for taking a picture. My husband installed the window which brings lots of nice sunshine while I'm working in there. He also installed some little shelves between the washer and the little wall that separates it from the mudroom area.

Just to the left of the window is a little bitty area that we managed to make into a shoe and coat area.

It is now spring cleaned and ready for...Mud Season! In New England we have five seasons. The usual four and one that is really called "mud." After living here for almost 12 years, I am very familiar with that extra season.

Tomorrow, the FINAL ROOM OF PHASE 2!!


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