Apr 13, 2009

The Aftermath

Well, it's such a good thing that I finished my spring cleaning before Easter Sunday, which was also my son's birthday party. It's a good thing because I have pictures that will guide me as I attempt to FIND my nice clean house that was!

For example, here's my beautifully clean, shiny, sparkly kitchen BEFORE:

Here's the kitchen and the "Club Room" now:

The pictures just don't do the mess justice. The "Seating Area," my office, and my son's room also bear the results of the partying.

So, I put away the essentials last night and walked upstairs and went to bed! This morning the mess awaits me, but I have more energy to deal with it. Off I go to restore order in my world.


Anonymous said...

Your pristine white cabinets are so pretty and fresh!


Roxanne said...

Do you think it's TOO much white? I didn't realize how glowing it was until I took the picture.

I've always loved white cabinets and how they seem to open up a room. It's also easy to see when they need to be cleaned LOL!

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