Jul 6, 2009

Clothing Evaluation: Pants and Shorts

Well, that didn't take long. I have a total of seven pairs of pants and two pairs of shorts.

My pants collection includes:

  • Black jeans (faded, mysterious white spot near right knee)
  • Blue jeans (too tight in waist, too big in rear area giving me "Old Man Butt")
  • Khaki stretch slacks that I LOVE (two greasy stains on right thigh)
  • Navy stretch slacks that I LOVE (another mysterious white spot near knee)
  • Chocolate brown stretch slacks (no stains 'cause I don't like them--too flared at bottom)
  • Medium brown stretch slacks (no stains--look wrinkled even when I iron them)
  • Olive slacks (no stains--I like them but keep forgetting they're there)

My shorts collection includes:

  • 1 black pair
  • 1 off-white jeans pair

The Khaki slacks I mentioned are what kicked off this whole project. They fit perfectly. They are comfortable. They go with everything. One day I noticed they have two stains. NOOOOO!

The question is what to do. Here's my FRUGAL answer:

  • Attempt to replace khaki slacks.
  • Use permanent markers to cover white spots on black jeans and navy slacks.
  • Try once more to super-duper iron the permanently wrinkled pants.
  • Put olive pants in a more prominent position in closet so I'll wear them.
  • Donate the chocolate pair with legs that are too wide.
  • Keep the jeans until there's enough weight loss to warrant purchasing a new pair. (Being able to breathe is overrated.)
  • Shorts--two pairs will do for now.
  • Consider buying my first pair ever of capris.

Yes, capris. I've always wondered about them and never purchased any. All the "experts" say that someone who is heavier shouldn't wear them, but I have been checking folks out lately. Every single lady I saw who had on a nice pair of capris and sandals and was carrying a little extra weight looked very nice. She looked "put together" in a way that shorts would not have done.

They also look more summery than wearing jeans or pants.

What say ye? Yay or Nay on adding a pair of capris? If yay, what color? Of course, you know that leads to a poll. Go and vote and help me in this momentous decision.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roxanne--

I bet you would look very nice in a pair of cool, summery capris. I'm overweight and feel they look much better on me than shorts, plus, they "dress up" more easily than shorts.

The key to capri pants (if you are overweight) is to AVOID NARROW LEGS. Sure they make a petite gal look svelte and slender, unfortunatley narrow legged capris don't do a thing for the overweight gal. We need a wider leg to balance out our waist (and/or hips).

Here are links to my favorite place for good crop/capri pants. They wear well and last for several years.

(I have these in dark kacki, now they only have green)


These have an elastic waist in the back half -- so very comfy!


Packrat said...

I just purchased my first pair of capris since I wore pedal pushers in the 60's. I'm heavy (okay, fat) and did have to try on several pairs before I found some becoming ones. I think they are slimming and very comfortable. They're cooler than long pants and don't ride up like shorts. Oh, I got mine at cj banks. I paid too much for them, but I *will* wear them.

Packrat said...

PS If your khaki pants are in good condition, spring for getting them dry cleaned.

Roxanne said...

Trixie--thanks for the links! I love their Virtual Me model. It was a little frightening to see it, but it sure does help to see her dressed in clothes and see what does and doesn't look good!

I will also remember your advice about avoiding narrow legs.

Packrat and Trixie--That's exactly what I was thinking. Why do the "experts" say they don't look good when they look WAY better than shorts and cooler than pants? They don't seem to make the heavy person look shorter to me. They just look nice, comfortable, and well-dressed!

Packrat--Do you think the drycleaner can get those spots out? I really, really love how they fit and hate to give them up!

Packrat said...

Roxanne, if the stains are greasy, dry cleaning should get them out. If you love these pants, it is definitely worth a try. Since these are khaki colored pants, I don't recommend using some other tried and true methods. The other methods might take out the color.

weenie_elise said...

before I answered I had to go back and see if you had any pretty sandals to wear with said capris otherwise the whole exercise would be moot

i say go and try on some... and see if you can find ones that look nice... don't buy them just because you've decided you need some

Roxanne said...

Weenie Elise--what shoes do you recommend?

You're right. They would definitely have to look good to me when I try them on or they stay in the store!

FarmMom said...

My absolute favorite outfit for this summer is my olive capris, brown v-neck t-shirt (with a nice design on the front) and sketchers chunky sandals. I top the whole thing off with a necklace that I made from natural-looking stones. I carry extra weight, but everytime I wear this outfit, I feel like I look really cute and I get compliments to boot!!

These capris are from LLBean and are made from quick-drying fabric that is also very breathable!

I agree with avoiding narrow legs, plus they keep you cooler when a nice breeze can get up there - LOL!

Roxanne said...

FarmMom--Your capris are one of the pairs I checked out LOL!

I agree, they look great on you. There's something about the proportions or whatever that just look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Now dont forget, there is a difference between capris and clamdiggers, capris end just below the knee, and clamdiggers are about mid-calf.
I think some platforms would look cute, theyre a bit dressier than flip flops. Good luck!

Roxanne said...

Circled Dolly--I was NOT aware of a capri/clam digger difference. Thanks for letting me know. I think I'll do a little research about that and see what I find.

I'm not a fan of flip flops, either. I would like a little dressier shoe. Thanks for the recommendation.

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