Jul 2, 2009

I'm home (Thursday Night)

We're back from a lovely trip. If you're interested in seeing some pics, go to THIS post on my homeschooling blog.

On my chassis maintenance schedule I jokingly added "Apply Bug Spray." I should have heeded my schedule more carefully. I applied the spray during the day, but then took a shower before bed. A conniving mosquito (or a group of them) managed to get into our camper. It was chilly so the only thing outside of my covers was my face. I sustained at least six bites. I'm allergic to bugs. My right eye took on proportions that were rather frightening. I spent the next three days wearing sunglasses wherever we went--inside OR out. Tonight, finally, the swelling is considerably less.

So, lesson learned: Wear bug spray 24 hours a day while camping. Especially on my face. Forget moisturizer--it's all about the repellent.

I did have some good news, too. Because of my Maintenance, I did NOT have to bring my razor on the trip! All hairs had been removed according to schedule. It was kind of nice being prepared for shorts.

My chassis is still on schedule. My laundry is not. Since I was recovering from the effects of many doses of Benedryl today, I didn't even attempt the mountain of laundry. Tomorrow, however...


Anonymous said...

You can have the best of both worlds if you put a couple of drops of citronella essential oil into your moisturizer : )

Roxanne said...

Now THAT is an awesome idea! Do you really think it will work?

So, a couple of drops in how much moisturizer do you think?

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