Aug 11, 2009

Clothing Evaluation: Winter Outerwear

Since it's the middle of summer, I was not looking forward to seeing my winter duds. I finally just set aside the time and found that it didn't take long. My inventory consists of:

  • Thigh-length thick coat with hood
  • Ankle-high "duck" boots for snow
  • 4 pairs of thin to thick gloves
  • Fleece jacket

Don't forget that I live "Up North." Also, don't forget that I grew up in Florida. One would think I would have FAR more than what I just listed. The reason I don't is that I discovered two important things since moving here 12 years ago:

  2. I tend to go outside just long enough to get to the car or to the building.

I had high hopes 12 years ago. I knew for SURE that I'd finally get to wear wool when we arrived. I was wrong. In the winter everyone (except my house!) keeps their thermostats so warm that I'm roasting in more than two thin layers. I was very disappointed.

I have, since my son was born, made an effort to venture out into the snow when the conditions meet my standards. (Sunny, no wind, and in the high 20s to 30s.) I even took up "sliding" (sledding to the Florida folks) down the neighbor's hill. That was pretty fun as long as I used the blow up tube. Those hard sleds? Fuggetaboutit! Every bone in my body knew I was in my 40s!

Back to my clothing evaluation. The coat is new as of last year. The boots have barely been worn though I've had them 12 years.

The gloves I keep forgetting to put on before I go out. It's so funny. TWELVE years and I still can't seem to get it into my mind that I should put the gloves on before I head out into 3 degrees. If I leave them in the car, they're too cold to put on.

And, don't even get me started on the much-needed lotion for my pathetically dry skin FREEZING if I leave it in the car.

THIS year I'm going to get it together. I vow (should I cross my fingers behind my back?) to dress all the way to gloves before opening the door. I will make it a point to spend longer than 15 minutes outside each time I play in the snow with my son. I will also make it a point to go out more than two times to do said snowplay.

I will also put lotion in my purse.

There. Now I'm ready for winter. I'm in no hurry, though.


Packrat said...

Winter, UGH! We've hardly had summer!

It is sledding here in Idaho.

Wool is nice if you can wear it. Since it is a natural fiber, it is comfortable to wear even when houses are too warm - just go light weight. It is more difficult to care for than cotton, acrylic, and polyester, though.

You didn't mention stocking hats or scarves. Maybe the wind doesn't blow very hard where you live? We wear hats and scarves under our coats and hoods and still freeze.

Oh, I'd suggest another coat or warm jacket and another pair of warm shoes for the "just in case" time. Again, check thrift stores or yard sales or the clearance pages of catalogs.

Roxanne said...

WE HAD SUMMER TODAY! And yesterday! And apparently tomorrow, too!

Actual sweat was involved.

I can't even THINK about winter right now...but I'll remember what you said about some "backup" wear when the temps drop again.

I am a big believer in thrift stores and yard sales, so you're preachin' to the choir there!

Packrat said...

Duh, I knew that! Did you hear me slap my forehead? LOL

Because it is much colder here than where my family and some of our friends live (only an hour away), I keep extras of gloves, hats, scarves, coats, jackets, etc. on hand. When they come to "town", they always forget to bring warm clothing.

Now please tell me to get busy cleaning out my winter clothes. :) I know there are slacks that I will never ever wear again.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Go clean out your winter clothes, Missy!

I keep some of my son's outgrown winter gear for my niece if she forgets to bring hers, but I never thought about having extras for company. That's a great idea!

I don't get many visits from relatives, though. They're all in Florida and Georgia and REFUSE to come here unless it's summer LOL!


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