Sep 23, 2009

Fall is here!

I just realized that fall is here. I mean the actual calendar date. We've been having signs of fall for a while now, so the date sneaked up on me.

I believe in fall cleaning (and spring cleaning). So, I'm declaring October 5 through October 16 as MY official fall cleaning dates. I will follow the same plan as for my spring cleaning. If you'd like to review that, click HERE.

I won't post pictures or anything this time, but I will put it on the sidebar to track my progress.

Anyone else feeling in the mood to super clean?

Anyone with me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Roxanne,

I was just gearing up to make out a list of the fall cleaning projects I need to do. This time of year is always so invigorating!

Can't wait to see what all you post about your routine.


FarmMom said...

I'm in!! It's a great time right now since in-laws are visiting soon! We were even inspired by your redo that we just painted the LR! I actually painted it twice this week because I hated the first color! Was bright (think NEON) green. Now it is a peaceful Olivine (a Behr color).

Dining Room chairs have been recovered (no more moldy seat covers from storage!) and refreshed the wood with some nice orange oil and then a lemon oil follow up.

Thanks for the inspiration!

HappyMom said...

I'm with you! I'll will just be starting after your done though due to some stuff going on.

Roxanne said...

Trixie--This time of year definitely encourages getting things in order for the winter. Except that I don't want to think about winter right now...

FarmMom--My Goodness! I'm impressed. I'm sure it looks great. Have you posted pics on your blog yet?

Having company is always a great inspiration for doing that deep cleaning, isn't it?

HappyMom--What's your official start date?

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