Nov 23, 2009

Only 5 Minutes

Yes. I. Did.

I have been debating and hemming and hawing about getting this book. Finally, I just broke down and bought it. I've only just started on it, but I am excited about getting to the fun part.

The concept (if you don't already know) is that you have a dough that makes up in just a few minutes (I'm assuming 5), that you keep in the frig for up to 2 weeks.. When you're ready, you pinch off an amount of dough, let it rise only once, and bake!

My MIL had a recipe similar to this several years ago. It didn't use whole grains, though. I'm hoping to get this started up after Thanksgiving. According to the authors, the cost per loaf is between 40 and 70 CENTS. That's what I'm talkin' about, now!

I'll give my review when I've made my first batch. Has anyone else used their method or gotten this new book (and used it)? All comments appreciated about your experience.


weenie_elise said...

sounds fascinating... I've never heard of that... let us know how it goes

Roxanne said...

Oops--I forgot to link the book. I fixed it. Click on the cover and it will take you to an explanation.

I'm hoping it's as fabulous as I've heard!

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