Dec 29, 2009

Here a Poll, There a Poll...

I wanted to report on the recent poll about Christmas Tree Choice. I also wanted to ask you to come and vote on a NEW poll.

First, the Christmas Tree Choice Award:

(drum roll, please)

The winner is. . .

REAL Christmas trees!
(But, you suspected that, didn't you?)

Real trees came in with 45% of the votes. Fake and Aluminum surprisingly tied. I guess fake is fake and it's just a matter of color choice! Thank you for participating.

Now, about a new poll. I just got a note from NaBloPoMo folks about doing another month of daily posts in January. I'm tempted. Personally, I enjoyed the challenge of coming up with reasonably interesting posts each day. I'm a fan of accountability. SURELY my life won't be blowing up so completely the way it did during the November NaBloPoMo. Right?

The issue is whether y'all prefer to see what I can pull out of the hat each day or whether you'd just as soon I didn't. I'm actually on the fence. Accountability? Good thing. Wondering if I'm boring folks (I lost a reader last time)? Bad thing.

So, please come and vote. I will abide by the results. I won't be offended if the preference is more space between posts. Honest.

OH--Since January 1st is fast approaching, I've made this a TWO-day poll, so hurry!


Packrat said...

Of course I'll read what you post. If we were neighbors, I'd probably talk to you every day. :)

Roxanne said...

Thank you, neighbor!!

What's a little mileage, anyway? The internet has given us our own "neighborhood."

Mrs Tailleur said...

what... someone left your post. You always find something interesting to talk about. I like your polls it helps us know what other people think. I'd be the neighbor you would wave at and meet up at a flower show or PTA meeting I'd save you a seat.

Packrat said...

The internet has given us our own "neighborhood" - What a wonderful thought! Happy New Year to you and yours, Dear One.

Roxanne said...

Mrs. Tailleur and Packrat--all we have to do is figure out how to borrow the virtual cup of sugar LOL!

I don't know anyone IRL who enjoys the mid-century stuff and homemaking like I do. It's fun sharing interests with like-minded folks!

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