Jan 3, 2010

Winter has arrived.

Oh, we had some cold weather in December. And, yes, we even had a "White Christmas" with about 3 or 4 inches on the ground.

But, we didn't have this:

(Church sidewalk this morning)

(Bench outside of restaurant.)

(Mailbox on the way home.)

(Our bird feeder in the front yard.)

Yep. Winter has arrived. With a vengeance!

(PS. Go to my website and you can actually "see" the snow falling LOL!)


Packrat said...

Ughh! Glad you went straight home. That is quite a bit of snow.

Packrat said...

Roxanne, do you have another website up or are you talking about the virtual snow? I'm confused. (Doesn't take much. LOL)

I also think there are some posts I haven't seen. I'll have to go back and look. My Reader wasn't working for probably ten days. grrrr

Roxanne said...

Yep--talking about the virtual snow! When I looked at it I saw the snow falling through the pictures only as the rest of the page is all white.


Yes, that was/is a LOT of snow. My MIL would be appalled. We'll just not tell her1

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