Feb 19, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me

How is your day going? Mine is a busy one as we're having a "movie night" at church and I am prepping some potluck food to take along.

I thought it would be fun to share what I did today. (Since I'm posting around 3pm, the last couple of items WILL be done...) Each day is different, but I've been thinking about making sure that I get out of each day what is there for me to accomplish. February 19, 2010 will never be here again, but this is what I made of it:

  • Up and breakfast, husband off to work
  • Straighten bedroom area
  • Start load of laundry
  • Fold yesterday's laundry (I fluffed it on no heat.)
  • Hang today's laundry on clothesline in basement.
  • Start homeschooling
  • Make sweet tea, popcorn and corn chowder for tonight
  • Form dough to rise from THIS cookbook (love it!)
  • Run up to thrift shop to rustle up some sweat pants for J that DON'T have knee holes in them. (For some reason those knee holes are coming faster these days.)
  • Once home, put bread in oven to bake
  • Make lunch
  • Finish homeschooling
  • Catch up on ironing
  • Watch snow falling
  • Watch J play in the snow while typing this
  • Make hot cocoa for J's return
  • Get ready for church
  • Put logs on the wood heater throughout the day

I tried to get a nice shot of my bread making attempt. It turned out really well. This is my third attempt since buying the book and I think I'm getting the hang of it.

What did you do today? Tomorrow? Each day will never be back again. Make the MOST of each day!

Off to put another log on the fire . . .


Lexi said...

So, you like that book huh? Hmmmm. Maybe I should look into in then! I grind my own wheat for our bread, but that is really all I ever do with it. Just make regular wheat bread. Sometimes in shapes of rols or buns.

Civilla said...

Love that picture. Oh, and that bread looks scrumptous!

The other pic of your bathroom looked nice, btw.

Packrat said...

Busy day! The bread looks sooo good.

For some reason, your post reminded me of that old silly (kinda naughty) song - "Put another log on the fire" (think that's the title).

Hope you are having a fun evening.

Roxanne said...

Lexi--The "master" recipe is actually on their blog for free. The premise is that you can make up enough for four loves (or 8) and it lasts in the frig for a couple of weeks. All you have to do is pull off what you want, quickly shape it and let it rise for 90 minutes and bake.

The book is good for the many, many recipes, though.

Here's their blog:


Roxanne said...

Lexi--I forgot to ask what you use to grind your wheat? Have you tried spelt or rye?

Roxanne said...

Civilla--The bread was awesome! There's only the loaf left. The rolls were gobbled up through the day, making it to an actual meal only once LOL!

So you would have chosen to keep the red paint in the bathroom, too? I was so surprised by the response on that. I told my husband that I want the same red and the same faux finish in the next house we have LOL!

Roxanne said...

Packrat--You mean I'm quoting racy lyrics??? I don't know the song you're referencing. Link, please!

The movie night was great, but boy was it a late one. We're still recovering from a BUSY weekend all together.

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