Aug 16, 2010

Rule #3: Put Your Best Face Forward

I'm skipping around a bit because I felt this topic should come after Rule #5.

Let me quote THIS one for you:

"Before he arrives home from work, take a few minutes to transform yourself from toiling housewife to vision of earthly delight. Give your hair an extra shellacking of hair spray, re-apply your make-up, and trade in your housecoat for a stylish frock that shows off your figure."
Oh, where to start?

This book is a collection of tips for the wife on ways to "keep her husband happy." I'd like to rephrase that just a bit. I'm looking at these tips as ways to get out of the ordinary rut of the day-to-day routines to make things just a bit more special for the TWO of you. In doing these things, I believe it will help in the happiness department for both!

In the last six months, how many times have we taken time to "spiffy up" a bit for the time that our husbands lay eyes on us at the end of the day? For me, that would be less than five times--in SIX months.

When we were dating (for five L-O-N-G years), EVERY time he laid eyes on me I looked my best. If I could manage to do that for so long, why can't I manage more than five times in six months now?

Choice, I suppose. In my last post, I talked about taking a 15 minute unwinding time for ourselves before beginning the evening. WHAT IF we added five minutes more just to comb hair, reapply makeup, and change into something clean and reasonably attractive? Along with making your husband feel that you've made an effort for his viewing pleasure, I know that it would lift your own spirits as well.

Besides, I'm intrigued by whether or not I can achieve the status of "vision of earthly delight."

Perhaps that will occur if I use a can of shellac?

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Lorie B said...

Actually, this and the happy homecoming are two things I need to learn to do better. Sometimes I tend to dump on my poor hubby the minute he gets home. Shame on me.

BTW, I read this tonight in church and it hit home for us I thought....

I Timothy 5:14
I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide [or be master of - my input via my Pastor's teaching here] the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.

Interesting...God made Eve to be the help-meet to Adam. And God calls Himslf a help-meet (using the same Hebrew word) over 21 times in the Bible. The role of woman to man is so honored that God Himself refers to HIS position with the same term! Powerful thoughts.

Roxanne said...

Lorie B--I'm with you on this.

After all these years (25 for me LOL!) I still struggle in these areas.

That's why I'm doing this series. APPLYING it is certainly challenging!

That's interesting about the Hebrew for help-meet. That gives a whole new level of cognizance as we walk this out. Thanks for sharing that.

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