Sep 8, 2010

What to Do With 18 Lbs of Ground Beef?

I thought about posting just this picture as a "Wordless Wednesday" entry, but I just couldn't do it. I had to give the details as I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment!

Many years ago I used to do Once-a-Month Cooking. It was absolutely great, but I was bone-tired by the end of the three day process. I've now switched over to "batch cooking." This is an excellent example of that.

I don't know about other areas of the country, but ground beef has not been priced below $1.99 in literal years. I remember 99 cents a pound being a regular thing, but no more. This weekend (Labor Day) there was a S.A.L.E.!! At $1.49 a pound I snapped up all they would let me have. That happened to be 18 pounds. Of ground beef.

When I got up this morning, I knew I had to address those mounds of beef filling up the bottom of my frig. I made a plan. Five hours later (cooking AND homeschooling), I was able to take the picture you see above which consists of (left to right):
  • 2 Nourishing Traditions meat loaves
  • 7 bags (2 1/2 cups each) of "Beef Mix"
  • 6 regular hamburgers (for tonight's supper)
  • 18 BBQ hamburgers (layered in pan)

I'll post the recipes in another post as I have something more pressing to do right now.


Packrat said...

Looks good. It will great to have the meat available for quick grabbing.

Hamburger was $1.29 a pound, then $1.49 a pound, then it suddenly jumped to $1.99 a pound and stayed there for quite a while. This past weekend it was on sale for $1.99 a pound. I didn't get any. I stopped to talk to a friend and completely forgot!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh the convenience of that much "at the ready" meat is terrific. I'm all about convenience when making a meal!

In our area I'm not sure what hamburger goes for but we can get ground round on sale for $2.29 a lb and chuck for $1.99 most of the time.

Would love to hear more about your meatloaf recipe and your take on Nourishing Traditions in general. From what I hear, this type of eating encourages full fat food items -- I'm intrigued.

P.S. The paint in your kitchen with those white cabinates looks so fresh and pretty.

FarmMom said...

When I saw the picture BEFORE I read the post, I thought "once a month cooking"! Those were the days!

I just bought a few pounds of ground beef because it was on sale for $1.99! I did the same thing - get it ready for future meals right now. It is so much easier!

Packrat said...

PS: I recently purchased (thrift store???) a Once-a-month cookbook. I'm anxious to try some of the recipes and just get some pre-made dishes (casseroles, soups, sauces, etc.) in to the freezer.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--That's what I'm talking about. When did HAMBURGER become so expensive??? I have actually bought steak when it was under $1.99 and asked them to grind it for me just to get reasonably priced hamburger.

Of course, the stores around here have stopped doing that service now. Figures!

Roxanne said...

Trixie--The NT "way" is very much back to the way most cultures prepared food. It especially talks about proper preparation of foods so that the nutrition is more available to the body.

If you get a chance to borrow a copy (check the library), the information in the first section is very, very interesting.

If I JUST ate the way NT encourages, I know that I would not be overweight. That comes from the processed sugar and junk that I am always falling off the wagon for.

The NT suggestions that I DO use are:

* Culturing milk (whole)
* Soaking grains before using
* Adding good fats (such as coconut oil, olive oil, and quality butter) to our foods

The vegetable section is really enjoyable as well.

If you get a chance to peruse a copy, let me know!

I love my blue paint in the kitchen. Apparently it's not "in" right now, according to the real estate guy we had in a few months ago, though!

Roxanne said...

FarmMom--Yes, indeed! I loved the results of the OAMC, but I was just so dog-tired when I was done!

I'm enjoying doing it this way much better.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--There are some recipes in that OAMC book that I STILL use! One off of the top of mind is the "Pasta a la Anne" or something like that. It's been a favorite of mine for years.

Give it a try. It is wonderful to come in after a long day and have dinner all but done!

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