Oct 20, 2010

It Really Works!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about an idea that I had to keep the refrigerator "perpetually clean." (Click HERE to see that post.)

I wanted to update about that.

I have followed my plan to clean each day's assigned area. It is SO easy.

Here's the gist:

  1. Open the door and glance.
  2. If something is out of place, put it back.
  3. If something needs attention, attend to it.
  4. Give a quick swipe with cleaner and towel.
Done and done!

The way this is working is that I've added it to my daily chore lists. I my house, if it's not written down, it doesn't get done.

I can't believe that I have overcome the dreaded "clean-the-frig out" day!

(I am aware that others may be rolling their eyes and thinking, "Married 25 years and she's just NOW figuring this out?" Humor me. I'm a little slow sometimes.)


FarmMom said...

I'm so glad you did an update to this post! I have been wanting to tell you that I have been doing this too. IT DOES WORK!! I used your method of designating an area of the fridge per day: top shelf and sides of fridge in that area, middle shelf and sides of fridge in that area, door, drawers, etc.

My fridge has stayed TOTALLY clean for just about a month now and no real effort! THANKS for this great tip!

Roxanne said...

FarmMom--I KNOW! It's awesome, isn't it? "Effortless" is the perfect description of how well this is working.

I wonder what I'll come up 25 years from now???

Anonymous said...

Great, now you can come do this for me! The fridge is one my bad areas, I am always so tempted to just stuff things back in there any way -- Hello a roast on top of eggs?!

K Quinn said...

I gotta do this. Our fridge has issues. I'm cooking a big family meal tomorrow so if I can find some time today this is on the list for cleaning today. Thanks for the tip!

Roxanne said...

K Quinn--Did you get to the frig before the big cook-a-thon??

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