Oct 19, 2010

The Seasonal Closet

Here's a picture of my closet. My husband just whipped it together this weekend.

or NOT! I think this closet is the size of our bedroom! If I DID have a closet this size, there would be no need to change out our clothes depending on the season. Since this is not my closet,
I will have to do a little work.

I grew up in Florida (for those who don't know). There are seasons there, really there are! Two, to be exact. "Nice" and "Hades." I remember getting the teen magazines when I was in high school and looking longingly at all the wool items they would showcase, knowing that I would not be wearing any.

I have lived "Up North" for 13 years now. When I lived in Florida, the "Snow Birds" would arrive around October/November and stay until April/May. They would yammer on and on about the seasons. I never quite understood what all the fuss was about.

Now I do. There's something satisfying in finishing one thing and starting something fresh. Time is marked in a way that I never had before. Summer is truly done here. Fall is gorgeous right now and the weather is turning a bit crisp. Winter is around the corner.
With the ritual of "changing out the closets," I'm preparing for what's ahead.
I just spent an hour going through my son's clothes and having him try things on. It feels good to have that out of the way. I know what I need to purchase for him. My clothes are going to be gone through next, then my husband's.
My family will be warm and comfortable because of my attention to this matter. That gives me great pleasure. (I made sure to stand at my son's closet and admire my efforts!)
Now I'm off to add hot chocolate to the grocery list.


Mary R. said...

Yes, I'm having to get ready to put my summer things away. I wait as long as I can. I love that picture of the huge closet!

Rebecca said...

A girl can dream, right?

Good job getting the closet seasonalized. I have been moving my jackets toward the front of the closet but haven't done a full switcheroo yet.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I share a pretty small closet; I can't even imagine having a closet that big. I'm pretty sure our whole bedroom isn't quite that big. If we did have a closet like this I can for sure say the ottoman in the center would be piled high with clothes, despite all those nice areas to hang stuff -- it's a disease of mine :)

The seasons are one of my favorite things about the colder climates.

I love hauling out all the cold weather clothes. I'm wearing a lined wool skirt with knee high boots at the end of the month and the weather will be perfect for it. My sister in SanAntonio can't imagine needing to wear wool anymore. Too funny.

Roxanne said...

Mary--I considered waiting another two weeks (beginning of Nov.), but I knew from past experience that I end up being cold because I don't have the right clothes. It gets me in a bad mood about the impending winter LOL!

If you click on the closet pic, it will take you to a closet wonderland.

Anonymous said...

for a few moments, I thought you were serious and all I could think was, "he whipped it together on the weekend?!!!"
I love the changing of the seasons from hot humid summer to a crisp cool fall and into a cold snowy winter! :)

Roxanne said...

Rebecca--That's next--the outerwear. I hate having to give up all that nice clean space in the mudroom for all that stuff, though!

Roxanne said...

Trixie--ITA about the ottoman. It is a bit of a magnet, isn't it? I've had chairs in the corners of my bedrooms over the years with the same magnetic abilities.

I'm embracing wools more now. They're great for at home as we don't keep our house very warm. Unfortunately, I'm roasting hot in wool when we go shopping, church, or other people's houses!

Cashmere, however, is pure loveliness.

Roxanne said...

Gina--Ha! My husband is amazing and quick with the carpentry tools, but even HE couldn't do that in a weekend. Of course, I haven't asked him.

Maybe he could!

Packrat said...

Our neighbors across the street have a closet like that. Each item is precisely hung, too. Grrrr. ;)

There are two closets in our house (under the eaves) that are 9'x8'. Lots of floor storage space, but very little rod space.

Anyway, the "seasonal closet" has been a yearly ritual for as long as I can remember.

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