Feb 20, 2011

The Craft of Hand-Sewing

My husband came down with "the flu" on Monday. By Wednesday, we were all down with it --fever, chills, coughing, sinus, body aches--you name it. As you can imagine, my inability to breathe and walk at the same time wreaked havoc with my regularly scheduled life. No housework, no homeschooling, hardly any eating.

Both dh and son are considerably better now, but my bout is hanging on a bit. I actually dragged myself up to do a load of laundry as we were getting mighty low in that department. I don't know why since I've worn pajamas all week, but I digress.

I am actually going somewhere with this Haven of Home Health Newsflash. Due to the lack of moving around, I've had a LOT of time to spend on the computer. I was wandering around at a site called Open Library and came across a fun book from 1910 written as a five-year course of study for girls in the 3rd - 7th grades. (Click on the book cover to go to the online version.)

Idabelle knew her stuff. She was a stickler about details and about doing things CORRECTLY. I was so impressed by her "explanatory note" in which she says:

"Every exercise in handicraft should train the judgment, the eye or the memory and tend to develop skill, patience, accuracy, perseverance, dexterity or artistic appreciation."

That's a pretty tall order! Those words are like a battle cry, aren't they? I was hooked. Below is the general table of contents (click to enlarge):

Take a look at what is to be taught (once a week for 38 weeks) in the fourth grade:

I'm (almost) moved to do some hand-sewing! In this day of short-cuts and gadgets, there's something to be said for mastering something like this.
Just wanted to share. (About the book, not the flu...)


Mrs.Phillips said...

Funny, I did some hand sewing tonight!!! I hope you all get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Handcrafts and I have a funny relationship. I like to think and say I like them, but usually I end up feeling like tearing my hair out half way through any project. So much for developing patience.

Roxanne said...

Mrs. Phillips--I'm not quite there yet, with the hand-sewing or with the back-to-health, but I'm on my way with both. Thanks!

Trixie--Thanks, also.

Idabelle would not be amused to read what you wrote about handcrafts. She's serious about this stuff.

Packrat said...

Hope you are well by now. Hand sewing. YUCK. 'nuff said.

Roxanne said...

I'm doing better, thank you. In fact, today I finally got out of the house! I went to church and sat in the back in case the coughing fits should take over.

I'm still feeling weak, but I think I'm ready to join the land of the living again!

Packrat said...

Hope the coughing stops soon.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--So far it's still with me. It's not a lovely, quiet little cough, either. "Hacking" would be the appropriate word LOL!

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