Feb 27, 2011

Returning to the Land of the Living

It has been an interesting two weeks. I have been pretty sick with the flu (and subsequent yucky residuals) all this time. In fact, today was the first time I left the house for any length of time. I went to church and sat in the back so that I could run for the door if I had a coughing fit!

I'm tired of being sick. It is definitely getting in my way. So, I'm going to go to bed soon, get a (I hope) good night's sleep, and attempt to recover my home tomorrow. It has been more of a sick ward than a haven!

I will follow my Emergency Cleaning Plan, resting as I need to as I'm still pretty weak. I will make good use of the hired help. (He's almost nine. He's capable. He's also cheap. He'll work for cookies.)

I will also attempt to catch up on my blogging. I realized I missed last Tuesday's Resolution post, but it would have pretty much been, "I'm siiiiick! (whine, moan, groan)." No one wants to hear (or read) that!

So, off to get ready to go to bed. Tomorrow is on its way and I plan to be ready for it!


Mrs.Phillips said...

Get well soon! I miss your posts!!

K Quinn said...

Ooh big hug! I hate being sick. Where'd you get the cute Vick's ad? I'm nosey like that.

Roxanne said...

Mrs. Phillips--Thank you! I'm definitely on the road to recovery and am itching to get back to posting.

Kemi--The Vick's ad was one I saw somewhere on the 'net. I meant to link back to it and can't find the original spot. That's what happens when you're delirious. (JK!)

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