Mar 5, 2011

I've been honored . . .

Another week has gone by. My cough is still with me. This week my eye decided to swell up. That, along with the inch of "skunk stripe" from not bothering to color my hair during this illness has me feeling rather grody. (HA! Remember that word?) I am feeling anything but stylish.

My BLOG, however, has been given an award for being stylish. At least one of us is LOL!

Enola Gay at Paratus Familia has honored me with this lovely award. Seriously, having this arrive in my inbox made me feel much nicer! I still look a mess, but there's a smile on my face.

Paratus Familia is a blog all about living completely off-grid and doing it VERY well, thank you! She makes being prepared for whatever comes along look easy. Along with that, she makes sure to do it in a lovely, feminine way including having teatime on a daily basis. If I'm feeling stressed or grumpy about doing my work, I visit her blog and am instantly inspired.

As with any blog award, there are rules that govern them. The rules of this award are,

  1. I must divulge 7 things about myself and,
  2. Nominate 15 other blogs for the Stylish Blog Award.

Here are seven things about myself:

1) I have been singing "Come On, Eileen" non-stop for three weeks now. It's driving me crazy. I finally decided to look up the lyrics. I had NO idea what they were! Still can't seem to stop singing it, though.

2) I have green eyes. I kind of like that they're that color--when neither one is swollen.

3) My dad was 45 when I was born (his first child), and 50 when my sister was born.

4) I'm 1/4 Romanian and 1/4 Yugoslavian through my father.

5) I am learning Latin while teaching it to my son and it is BIG FUN!

6) My husband is 15 DAYS older than I am. I rub that in every year when he's technically a year older. (Until I catch up with him, that is.)

7) My favorite breakfast is sausage gravy over Southern biscuits and grits with plenty of butter and salt--washed down with a freshly brewed iced Sweet Tea. People mock me. I ignore them.

I'm going to mention some blogs that I truly enjoy that I have NOT posted about before. Please go and visit them!

  1. American President's Blog - Fun trivia and information about our presidents.
  2. Little Homestead in the City - I am intrigued with the idea of homesteading. The chances of my doing it any time soon are pretty small. This blog is about a family that homesteads on a half-acre city lot! Lots of great info there.
  3. Nourished Kitchen - Based on Nourishing Traditions. Chock-full of healthy whole-foods recipes.
  4. Sustainable Eats - Another VERY inspiring food blog that fits in with my homesteading desires.
  5. New Life on a Homestead - OK, OK, I know there's a theme here. This is yet another inspiring blog. I especially loved her posts about her gleaning knowledge from her more experienced homesteading friends.
  6. Bringing Pretty Back - A total shift in the emphasis here! Her posts are light-hearted encouragements to show ourselves at our best. Lots of pink and wonderfully "girly."

I know it says 15, but I think I'll stop there. You'll have a lot of good reading visiting just those six!

Thank you, again, Enola Gay for the honor. It came at good time!


Rebecca said...

oh, wow...Come On, Eileen is now coursing through my mind. And I'm going to need to look up the lyrics, too.

Congratulations on having style!

Roxanne said...

Rebecca--HA! Sorry about that! The music is just so very cool. The guy's voice (Kevin Rowland?) is suited to the song and so Irish. The lyrics? Um, not rated G!

Packrat said...


Come On, Eileen - do I know this song? Will have to look it up.

"7) My favorite breakfast is sausage gravy over Southern biscuits and grits with plenty of butter and salt--washed down with a freshly brewed iced Sweet Tea. People mock me. I ignore them." Amen, but leave the sugar out of the tea. LOL

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Here's a link for you so that you, too, can sing it nonstop!

As far as no sugar in the tea????

Sacrilege, I say!

(Off to go see if I have sausage to make that gravy...)

Packrat said...

Thanks for link. The song is quite "catchy". I'll be bouncing around with it all day. :) I don't remember hearing it before.

Sorry about the sweet tea thing. For some reason, I just do not like sugar in tea. Unless it is like half lemonade half tea, I can barely stand to even swallow it. Plain unflavored tea (preferably black & orange pekoe blend) is my favorite beverage.

Roxanne said...

It IS catchy, isn't it? I'm currently driving my son crazy (which, I admit, I MIGHT be doing on purpose) by singing that doggone song pretty steadily.

But on a VERY serious note, I feel that I need to declare a national day of mourning or something. Packrat, my good friend, one who is very much like-minded . . . drinks tea . . . . . . with NO sugar and, as if that wasn't enough, allows LEMONS to come in contact with the said tea.

I don't know how I feel about you now. I, well, I think I need to think about our whole relationship now.


Nah! It's OK! I will give you special permission to like tea without sugar.

I feel better now.

Packrat said...

Thank you! :D

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