Mar 7, 2011

Veggie Poll Results

It seems my poll supported the statistics: Tomatoes won, hands down, with 57%!

Lettuce brought in a respectable 11%, and peas came in with 7%. Green beans and carrots tied with 3% each.

What was extra fun was the "other" category. Here are some comments (with which I concur):

Rocky Mountain Homemaker mentioned my second favorite: "It would be difficult to choose, but I would likely choose to grow green beans if I could only choose one vegetable to grow."

Trixie said, "After tomatoes it would be onions -- I use those for so many meals."

K Quinn agreed with Trixie: "You know, last year I might have said tomatoes but this year it's either lettuce or onions. It might be onions since I'm going to pop an onion everywhere I can."
Sue made a good point: "If I had to choose JUST ONE, I'd grow potatoes! What a bargain-and such a great producer. They store well, they "go" with everything in meals. Love em!!"

Elise introduced a new word to my vocabulary (and maybe my garden!): "Aubergines ! Love them fancy and love them just fried up. (I guess I just love 'em)."

Weenie Elise brought up something I had completely forgotten about: "I think I'd grow sweet corn. It's super easy and super yummy."

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the poll and commenting about your favorites. Is anyone else ready to get that garden in after reading the above?


Anonymous said...

I would've never thought of the potatoes, but what a great idea!

Roxanne said...

I KNOW. I don't think I had that on my planned crops, but I think I'm going to put it in there!

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