Feb 14, 2011

Good Housekeeping, 1955: Centerpieces

Last night I was wondering around in the back of my 1955 copy of the Good Housekeeping Cook Book (aka "A Gem of a Cookbook") because it is just solid good reading. Practical, still useful tips are found there and I'm gleaning as fast as I can!

One page caught my eye with its title and explanation:

Have a Pretty Centerpiece

"The way your table looks is just as important as the way the meal tastes. So set a pretty table, have a pretty centerpiece. It's worth the extra minute or two."

When I read that paragraph, I cringed a bit inside. IF I have a centerpiece at all, it's the one that sits on the table, day after day, collecting dust. It never occurred to me to change it up a bit, except for special occasions. I wanted to share some of the suggestions. I plan to change out my centerpiece a bit more often because it's "just as important as the way the meal tastes!"

Row on Row: Arrange long narrow rows of green or autumn leaves. Top with tangerines, green grapes, nuts, etc.

Potted Plant: Set plant on brass tray. Group oranges and green grapes around it.

Set basket on its side, with apples, cranberries, or other fruit (or vegetables--see pic above) tumbling out.

Arrange pansies in several individual casseroles.

Garnet Roses:
Arrange roses in champagne or other goblets, teacups, or egg cups.

For Small Fry:
Fill basket with green leaves; insert large lollipops.

Pie in Center:
Surround pie on tray with green or autumn leaves. Nestle cheese wedges or cheese pumpkins among leaves.

Use silver, glass, brass, or pewter candlesticks, with white, ivory, or colored candles. Be sure candle flame is above eye level.


Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

I love the ideas for centerpieces, especially the pansies since they make me think of springtime. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

Anonymous said...

We have a centerpiece comprised of the mail pile, a book to return, a few post it notes and magazines.

Roxanne said...

Wait, let me write that one down!

Oh, never mind. I already have one of those types.

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