Feb 16, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 46 weeks to go

(As I posted HERE, I am going to "report in" on my resolution progress each work for the entire year. I had six areas (the seventh was doing this reporting) to which I wanted to give special attention. Posting about it keeps me accountable, which I find very helpful. I hope you don't mind!)

Area 1: Weight

So very slow. This week I'm "holding." No change up or down. I've slacked off on the exercise, so I'm going to make it a point to get that done.

Area 2: Family

So much for Valentine's Day. My husband started coming down with something on Sunday evening and ended up VERY sick on Monday. Let's just say I showed my love by making chicken soup and doing what I could to make him comfortable. Love in action.

Area 3: Schedule

I was out a lot last week (dental appointments). This week I'm home. Good thing since I've been on nursing duty. After getting my son's files in order, I have begun to tackle my husband's personal files. The man takes notes and pulls things out of magazines to save "for later" yet never seems to need to look at them again. For 25 years I have kept up with this paper overload because I know he wants it done. This week I'm determined to separate his files from mine so that they will be easier for him to locate if he *ever* actually wants to. He picked up a 2-drawer cabinet at the thrift shop for this purpose and will be painting it black. I joked with him that it we're turning it black because it will be like a "black hole" for all his bits and pieces of random words, thoughts, and information. He was not amused.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

This week my chassis goal is to color my hair. I did a "mini color" two weeks ago where I just did the hairline at my forehead and a small area on top of my head to sort of tide me over. It bought me two more weeks, but it really needs to be done already!

Area 5: Debt

I've reestablished our cash system and updated my chart showing our debt-reduction progress. It's slow, but we've reduced it by 20% since we began almost nine months ago. This has been the first winter season in three years that business stayed steady for my husband. That has been a huge relief!

Area 6: Garden

I've made my list of vegetables! My husband is of the "plant the north 40 with every variety of vegetable there is" persuasion. I'm the "tomatoes, we like tomatoes" side of the coin. We're meeting in the middle and will be planting what (hopefully) will be fairly hardy for our area:

  1. lettuce (a couple of varieties yet to be determined, successively planted)
  2. tomatoes (of course) both large and grape
  3. green beans (bush)
  4. zucchini (which better be as abundant as everyone jokes about)
  5. spinach (excellent fresh and for the freezer)
  6. carrots (seemed like fun)
  7. peas (yummy, yum, yum)
  8. radishes ('cause they're fast producing and that's rewarding)
  9. bell peppers (another great fresh and for the freezer crop)
  10. cucumbers (I'm the only one who likes these, but I'm the one deciding!)

We might do some others just for fun, but the above list represents what I hope to have flourish!


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