Feb 8, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 47 weeks to go

(As I posted HERE, I am going to "report in" on my resolution progress each work for the entire year. I had six areas (the seventh was doing this reporting) to which I wanted to give special attention. Posting about it keeps me accountable, which I find very helpful. I hope you don't mind!)

Area 1: Weight

Another pound off. Yay!

Guess what? I have developed a craving for something healthy. (What? You didn't think I could do that? Me, neither.) The diet I'm following (Fat Flush) requires something called "Cran-water." It's one cup 100% cranberry juice (NO sweetener) to seven cups of water. At first I didn't like it because it seemed "sour." (That's coming from someone who put 1 1/3 cups of sugar in a gallon of tea.) After a month of drinking this every day, I actually miss it on my day "off" from the diet! The purpose of adding the cranberry is (according to the Fat Flush book) to help with the elimination of cellulite. It also helps keep the UTIs away.

Area 2: Family

Valentine's Day is coming up. My dh is the romantic one of the family. I tend to forget holidays exist. It's actually pretty pathetic. But, I'm determined to be ready this time.

My plan is to do a twist on the old "Bucket-over-the-door" trick. Instead of water or other unhappy thing, I'm going to fill it with paper hearts that, ideally, will cascade down upon his head when he opens the door. That, along with his favorite supper and a nice card is what I've got so far. Do you think I will approach anywhere near the "romantic" mark with this plan?

Area 3: Schedule

Every so slowly, I'm instituting dividing my "working hours" into three separate areas. In the past I've tried to homeschool, do paperwork for the business, and keep house all at the same time. Day after day I would end up getting the homeschooling done, about 3/4ths of the housework done (which would put me behind), and barely any of the paperwork. That wasn't working! I've discovered that the key to making my new "system" work is getting up early in the morning. Imagine that.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

My chassis has been going to bed early!!! Along with helping my overall schedule (see above), I'm feeling more rested. I still look my age in the morning (sigh), but at least I don't feel like I'm peeling my face off of the pillow in order to get up!

Area 5: Debt

With taxes complete, I am in the next phase of renovating our billing system. It's amazing how you don't get an income if you haven't billed the customers. My husband will work 12 hours a day (sometimes more), but can't find time to do the bills. That's where I come in!

Area 6: Garden

3 more inches of snow today. I think the groundhog was lying. Maybe it was a case of wishful thinking on his part.


Anonymous said...

You might want to tryout the bucket thing first before he comes home. Getting hit on the head WITH the bucket might not make his Valentine's Day.

I baked pink frosted cupcakes for an early Valentine's Day gift for my hubby.

Roxanne said...


I guess I should have clarified that the "bucket" was going to be made out of a cone of paper. The problem I'm really going to have is that he's 6'2". I don't know if there will be enough "clearance" to get the hearts to cascade!

(Mmmm. Pink frosted cupcakes. Yummy.)

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