Mar 15, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 42 Weeks to Go

As I posted HERE, I am going to "report in" on my resolution progress each work for the entire year. I had six areas (the seventh was doing this reporting) to which I wanted to give special attention. Posting about it keeps me accountable, which I find very helpful. I hope you don't mind!)

Area 1: Weight

No change this week. I have been exercising and increasing my veggie intake. At each supper, I'm having both a salad and a cooked vegetable.

Area 2: Family

One area this week is standing out for me: Clothes. Whenever I get behind in the laundry, it's evident that it's a lot easier to live when I don't get behind! In the past I thought it would be best to have enough clothes on hand that, if I did fall behind no one would run out of the essentials. Well, that makes for a lot of clothes! It also provides a temptation to put off the laundry since there's still plenty to wear. My goal is to reduce (surprise!) our clothing needs, to actual NEEDS. (My son volunteered to wear his Carlos-from-the-Magic-School-Bus outfit every day. I said no.)

Area 3: Schedule

After writing up my Five Year Plan for our yard, I hyperventilated a little when I realized how very, very busy my life is going to become in about eight weeks in order to do this properly. I breathed slowly, got control, and began to think about how to incorporate it all. Then I hyperventilated again!

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

I cleaned out my toiletries area and put some nice smelling shower gel into the shower. These are the ones I saved from the last time I did this. I still pared down, but I WILL be using them!

Area 5: Debt

There's one area (still) that I find the most difficult to change in order to fully attack our debt (and my weight loss) and that is eating out. One (weekly) purchase is coffees and pastries on Sunday morning. We have to be at church early as my husband is part of the worship band. We also live 30 minutes away. To facilitate peace and smooth preparations on Sunday morning, we've stopped at our favorite convenience store for quite a long time. This week I made it a point to buy something "treaty" and save it for Sunday morning. For the same amount of money that we spend each week, I was able to buy enough for four Sunday mornings. Reduce, reduce, reduce!

Area 6: Garden

I'm still patting myself on the back for completing my Five Year Plan! Our highs are in the 40s this week and the huge amounts of snow are starting to melt away. A friend even mentioned seeing a robin (though we haven't seen one ourselves, yet). Spring? Are you coming?


Anonymous said...

Love your five-year plan. Makes the amount of changes we want to do to our lives seem bearable. And it's good to get used to new things & chores a few at a time. Though it's hard to be patient, isn't it? I'd love some big veggie gardens and a bunch of livestock, some bees and I want it all NOW!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me of a good book. You might want to borrow it from the library first to see if it helps.
"The Backyard Homestead" by Carleen Madigan

Tells & shows how to get started on as little as 1/10 of an acre. :)

Roxanne said...

Gina--I actually have that book LOL! I saw it about a year ago at Barnes and Noble and it's what sparked my thinking that we could do something with this property.

I'm interested in bees, too, but I'm concerned because I am very allergic to other types of bugs. Getting stung and having a bad reaction would not be convenient to my plans.

Hey! If bees can be "farm animals," then worms can, too! I told my son he could be the worm wrangler. He didn't even crack a smile.

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