Mar 23, 2011

Sick, again.

OK, this is just the pits. I've still had the lingering cough from when I caught the 'flu back in February. Then, I woke up this morning with chills and aches and nausea AGAIN. See the lady to the left? That is me. Except with better hair. And thin.

I digress.

I'm on top of things by getting rest, taking pain meds and drinking lots of Echinacea. The homeschooling miraculously got done today, but that's about it.

My immune system has been accosted and I didn't do anything to get it strengthened back up. If you are well and healthy, make sure you pay attention to that immune system!

On a more uplifting note, spring is mentioning moving in our way. We've been here long enough to know that "spring snows" are also still on the horizon. Monday, however, we saw a load of robins descend upon our yard and attempt to clear out all the worms I didn't know were under the ground. It's really fun watching their little fat selves waddle around and pull and pull and then gobble up the worm.

Having grown up in Florida, the robins showed up in the FALL, not the spring. They were also lean and mean. After a winter in tropical conditions, they (for some unknown reason) choose to fly north again and lose all their winter weight.

What can I learn from their methods? Well, actually nothing. I can't fly, so that's out. I'm not going to eat worms (wave of nausea--stop it, Roxanne!). Wait, there is one thing: Exercise is a good thing.

Also, that red is NOT slimming when you're waddling around looking for worms.


Stephanie said...

The robins left too early this year. They're here in MN now and we just had a pretty bad winter storm yesterday. I always dread going outside after this happens in the spring after having a very negative experience at my son's 2nd birthday ( Please send some of your sunshine our way :) and feel better soon!!

Packrat said...

Oh, Roxanne! I do hope you get well soon. At least you still have your sense of humor! Hugs, Dear.

Roxanne said...

Stephanie--I read your birthday adventure. Sounds like "spring" to me LOL!

Packrat--I'm feeling better, thank you. Might as well get a chuckle where we can!

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