Dec 22, 2011


I will confess--I like to do laundry. You feed in the dirty clothes, go away somewhere, come back after a while and they're all clean. In the past I've discussed my "Laundry Euphoria" and my love for hanging laundry to dry.

WELL, today I came across a blog completely devoted to . . . LAUNDRY! I was thrilled. I've just started to read through the posts, but I wanted to pass it along to others who enjoy this everyday task as I do. Click on the button below and see what inspiration you can find!

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Packrat said...

I've really never minded laundry, either. HOWEVER (sorry for the shouting), my washing machine is acting up. I practically have to stand by it during the whole wash cycle. Needless to say, there are piles of dirty clothes. And, there goes our budget for next year right off the bat. SIGH

Roxanne said...

Packrat--Isn't it amazing how much we take those machines for granted until they start dying?

Look on Craigslist in your area for used, newish washers (less than 3yo). Except for the dryer that the church bought when we were pastoring full-time (20 years ago that stayed with the parsonage), every unit I've had has been used. So far they seem to still make washers and dryers with a decent lifespan!

Sparkling said...

I absolutely love doing laundry and hanging them on the line is the highlight of my week. I hang them out all winter, if it's a sunny day. In the coldest of winter weather, I might have to dry them for a few minutes in the drier afterward, but the less I can use the drier, the happier I am!

Roxanne said...

Sparkling--I'm with you on the low dryer usage! I've been doing some figuring about setting up a permanent drying rack in our basement. For winter it will add moisture, and for summer I can use it on the rainy days.

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