Dec 28, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: The Final Week

And here we are. Three days and it's all over. I've decided that a weekly reporting made the year go faster than normal LOL!

This week's report will be a final recap:

Area 1: Weight

The final reckoning is 7 pounds remaining off as of the end of 2011. I'm sure I lost many more than that and then put them back on. But, the fact is that 7 STAYED off. 2012 will be a new effort in this area.

Area 2: Family

My "family" of seven will dwindle as of Friday. My sister and her family will close on their house then and will be sleeping there that night. Instantly we will be a family of three again, with no little baby. I will miss the baby! They won't let me keep him, though. Something about wanting him for themselves. A little selfish, if you ask me...

Area 3: Schedule

Now that the holidays are almost over, I'll be getting back to regularly scheduled life. We're settling in for the winter and I might possibly waltz more furniture around. HERE I talked about moving to our first floor leaving the second floor as storage, pretty much. We're going to be moving our wood stove to the first floor which should actually send some heat up to the 2nd. I JUST might consider moving the bedrooms up there again. We'll see.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

The ol' chassis is a year older now. There are new wrinkles, aches and pains. Things don't work exactly like they used to. New things have shown up that No One Told Me About. I don't consider myself a "clunker." No, I am now moving into "vintage." What does one do with a vintage vehicle? I'll tell you. It is garage-kept and given pristine care with the best fluids and fuels. There's also a lot of praise and appreciation. Sounds good to me!

Area 5: Debt

The dead part of the season is here, as far as my husband's work schedule goes. It's been a week now since he's had work. He saved back some chair repair jobs, etc. for this downtime, but there's still a hole until some work that he was able to schedule for January. Meanwhile, he's been doing repairs around the house. One year, and soon, the debt WILL be gone and this downtime in the work season will not be the same feeling as it has been. One year, soon.

Area 6: Garden

Put to bed and waiting for next year's plan. I already know some things I will NOT be planting. I'm also determined to learn all I can about growing tomatoes. Next year's goal is a HARVEST of those yummy things!


Packrat said...

1) Congratulations. Seven is better than nothing. 2) Yes, it is rather selfish that they won't let you keep the baby. LOL 3) If you have some way to circulate the heat up the stairs, you should be able to have bedrooms up there. 4) Like your take on Vintage. lol 5)May things pick up very soon. 6)Some years tomatoes grow well, others they don't. sigh. Hope you keep this up through the next year. Happy New Year!

K Quinn said...

Happy New Year Roxanne! A tad bit early. I've loved your Resolution Tuesday so please keep it up next year. You inspired me try and lose these 15 pounds that are hanging on. In fact you've inspired me in many areas. God bless you!


Roxanne said...

Packrat and K Quinn--Happy New Year!

I'm glad you both enjoyed "Resolution Tuesday." It's been both a fun thing and a bothersome nag LOL!

I'm considering continuing, but with a different format. I'll think about it!

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