Jan 26, 2012

Poll Results

Thank you for coming and voting about my Friday subject.  It really helped me to see the interests of my readers.  The results were:

Vintage Recipes--66% 
Featured Blog--41%
Book Reviews--33%
Wordless Friday--16%

I'm going to take the top three as my Friday focus, alternating amongst the topics at will.  SO much better than talking about my grocery trips LOL!

I was sweating it a bit about Chaucer.  I've tried to read him, I really have.  My eyes rolled so far back into my head with boredom that I was afraid they'd get stuck there.  Maybe when he comes up in my homeschooling I'll try again.  Meanwhile, neither of those topics will get airplay on Fridays!

Come back tomorrow to see which of the top three I will choose.


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