Jan 25, 2012

Resolution Wednesday: 49 Weeks to Go

Explanation of Resolution Wednesday's categories.

One more day to vote on Friday's subjects. Come and let me know what interests you most!

Area 1: 2012 in 2012

MUCH better this week: 112 items from jewelry, books, and clothes. I'm going after son's room next week. He says the total will be zero. We'll just see about that!

Decluttered to date: 144
Amount still to go: 1868

Area 2: Weight

Down one pound. Exercising going well.

Area 3: Long-term Goals

This one is 9 1/2 years in the waiting. Before my son was born I played the piano in the worship team at our church. After he was born I tried to continue, but it just wasn't going to work with a little one. Now that he is almost 10, I decided to talk with the pastor to see if there was a place for me again. The only reason there was a vacant piano at all was because the lady who had been playing for the last several years just had a baby and was going to sit out! The pastor said yes and I started last week. Very exciting and a little nerve-wracking, too. It HAS been a long time!

The funniest thing is seeing the sheet music for the songs I used to play and wondering how they shrunk the words to such a small size.

Area 4: Outdoor Time

EVERY day this week except Sunday! When the three degrees stopped and we had a heat wave up into the 20s and 30s, I took advantage and sloshed around in the wet snow. We call this our "January thaw." It doesn't last long. February and March aren't as cold, but the SNOW will be high. That's OK, I have snow shoes!


K Quinn said...

What kind of exercise do you do? I upped the anty to The Firm's new 20 minute workouts. I do two at a time hoping to blast off these pounds.

We WILL be talking about playing piano for church. 15+ years later and I'm STILL nervous every Sunday. And the music. I gave that up years ago and learned to play with chords. Now if I could only play by ear.

Roxanne said...

KQuinn--Right now it's just walking with stretching and lymph node "pumping." The lymph node thing is five minutes of bouncing my bottom on a large exercise ball LOL! It's supposed to help move the toxins out.

I play lead sheets with chords almost exclusively. The songs we do are choruses and songs that have been written by our church/band members.

Yes, the nerves never seem to go away for me, either!

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