Jan 4, 2012

Resolution Wednesday: 52 Weeks to Go

Explanation of Resolution Wednesday categories

A whole year stretched out before me. What a blessing! I fully intend to embrace my responsibilities and not shirk in any way on any of them. I will kick this off right with my first accountability post:

Area 1: 2012 in 2012

As of today, I have removed NOTHING. I've also brought in nothing, so we're still at zero. Just wait until you see next week's number, though!

Area 2: Weight

I started my day with Hot Lemon Water and 2 eggs. Exercise is next on my list, right after I finish this post.

Area 3: Long-Term Goals

I have totally redone everything there is to do with our finances. The results are so streamlined compared to what they were. I've determined that we have paid off 40% of our original debt which we began working on in May of 2010. That's amazing! We've increased the debt, however, by 8% thanks to the local "Deluge of the Century" back in the spring which wreaked havoc with our basement, roof, and ceilings. The fact that I know the exact figures is actually encouraging to me as we work our way through this. There will be some posts in the near future regarding my efforts to bring this down.

Area 4: Outdoor Time

Well, I picked a doozy of a day, yesterday, to spend a minimum of 15 minutes outside! The current temperature was . . . SIX. Degrees. I decided to walk around the yard and see what there was to see. I walked really fast. I was happy to see my nice little wood stove when I got back inside! Today is supposed to be warmer--a high of 20. I haven't decided what to do, yet.

Back just before Thanksgiving, I made a comment regarding my blogging schedule. I said,

I've decided that my "hit and miss" style of blogging is annoying me. I seem to write in a "feast or famine" style, churning out 5 posts in a row and then disappearing for 2 weeks. I don't like that. I've set up a tentative schedule that might work for me. I intend to blog five days a week, taking the weekends off. For my initial routine I'm going to try to write Monday's posts about something vintage, Tuesday's posts will be my Resolution Tuesday updates until the end of the year, Wednesday's posts I'm hoping to develop something along the lines of a series--short or long, Thursdays will be something about daily life that I just HAVE to share with you, and Fridays I'm hoping to do a sort of food report as I'm working through my food stock to reduce the amount of money spent for food. That's where I'm going to start (this week!), but I will adjust as I go.

Soon after I wrote that post, my sister and her family moved in. The fact that I blogged at all during that time was amazing because we were busy with multiple kids (did I mention one was an adorable baby?), homeschooling, cooking, the holiday activities, etc. In the back of my mind I remembered my blogging plans. Now I've revisited and tweaked them a bit.  Here's my intended routine:

Monday: Vintage
Tuesday: Series-type posts
Wednesday: Resolutions update
Thursday: Musings, Daily Life Stuff, or just General Stuff
Friday: Food report
Saturday and Sunday: No posts

With this "Resolution Wednesday" post I'm right on schedule!


Mac n' Janet said...

I like you Blogging schedule.

Roxanne said...

Mac n' Janet--Thanks! I'll do my best to stick to it!

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