Feb 10, 2012

Featured Blog: Small Notebook

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I don't remember how I came across this blog. It was a rabbit trail, I'm sure. Her simple posts, though, are nearly always helpful. I even cleaned the holes in my dishwasher sprayer arms recently because of her!

I'm bent on getting to a level of simplicity that frees me and my family up to do what we really want to do. I'm a big fan of extreme decluttering. Rachel provides lots of unique ideas to make that happen. For example, she challenged her readers to decluuter one BIG thing. I always think of decluttering all the myriad small items that rattle around the house. It never even crossed my mind to look around for something big!

Rachel's credo in her "Welcome" section is:

Here at Small Notebook, you don't need to buy
more storage containers to get organized.

That revelation hit me about a year ago. What freedom that brings!

See you on Monday!


K Quinn said...

Ooooh! This was a nice find. You know I knew all that stuff about the dishwasher but knowledge and application are two different things. Sigh!

Mary said...

Great idea!

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