Mar 8, 2012

Poll: In Memory of Davy's Passing...

Hi y'all!

It's been a looooong time, but I'm back.  I've been in the throes of several activities.  That coupled with feeling like I didn't have anything to say turned into a lazy streak where my blog is concerned.  I've had some time off and I think I might have a few posts up my sleeve now.

(BTW, Thank you, Eef, for checking on me.  I sent you an email.  Did you get it?)

In my next post I'm going to share what I've been doing about the buildup of ever-so-much paper in my house. I think I've put together some systems that are really going to turn this around for me.

This post, however, is dedicated to my childhood--a piece of it, that is.  Last Wednesday, Davy Jones of the iconic band The Monkees died.  Like the rest of the US who grew up in the same era, it was rather a shock.  He was only 66 and in very good health.  Or not.  

When I was a preteen, The Monkees TV show was being rebroadcast to a new generation.  Every afternoon after school I'd plunk myself down on the couch to watch.  In years before that, my channel changer (that I had to turn by hand) was settled on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.  No longer.  Now I wanted to watch the silly antics of some boys who also sang some really cool songs!  A more innocent time when the future was stretched out before me.

My favorite Monkee was Peter.  He wasn't "The Cute One" (Davy), "The Prankster" (Mickey), or "The Serious One" (Mike).  He was "The Quiet One."  I felt sorry for him, I guess.  The others got more attention, so I figured I'd throw some his way LOL!

Back to Davy.  Davy lived in Indiantown, Florida.  My SIL lives in a nearby town.  One day about eight years ago, she met Davy.  I think he was in a restaurant where she was singing.  Somehow they were introduced and he took a shine to her.  She did not reciprocate his interest.  She told us about it and how her thoughts were that "he was too old."  Mind you, she was 19 years younger, he being 58, she being 39.

She missed her chance.

Davy apparently met someone a year or so later that was 33 years younger.  Who knows.  Maybe when he met my SIL, HE was thinking that she was too old for him!

Anyway, does that count as having had a brush with celebrity?  Not my first, you know.  I went to school with Mike Scaglione.  I run in a level of society that many only dream about, don't I?

Or not.

RIP Davy.


But wait!

Were you a fan of The Monkees?  Which Monkee was your favorite?  Come vote on the sidebar!


Eef said...

I'm afraid I'm to young for the monkees ... so didn't vote, don't get me wrong I know "the believer" song but that's it.

I replied to your mail and exlained why I was a little late (sorry for that).

Wish you a verry nice day!


Wren said...

I remember the Monkees. Thanks for sharing.

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