Feb 3, 2009

MY LAST MEAL!! Week Six: Tuesday (Day 30)

This is it. The final meal of the 30-meals-from-my-pantry project. It took a little over six weeks to get here, but the day has finally arrived.

I'm going to be making Homemade Pasta Alfredo again. I made it once before HERE. Go to that link for the directions.

I have a hand-crank pasta maker, but it isn't necessary for this recipe. At the points where I put it through the machine, one could simply use a rolling pin and make it very, very thin. My pasta shape will be fettuccine which is very easy to cut with a knife if you don't have a machine.

This recipe came from a lovely lady I knew in Panama City, FL. She grew up in the same town as Sophia Loren, and her sister competed in a beauty contest against Sophia. I don't remember the outcome.

Guilia invited me to her house one day and took me step by step through the process. She also made a simple sauce recipe, stressing the importance of using ITALIAN canned tomatoes LOL!

I've decided that I want some help in my celebrating this accomplishment. My next post will layout the details.


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