Feb 3, 2009

Week Six menus

This is the final week of menus. The food was pretty good, but it was obvious that I was running out of lots of things. I was also sick. Considering I was sick, I still did pretty well. Normally I would have used restaurant food and its subsequent leftovers as our meals!

Monday: Savory Herb & Garlic Chops, brown rice, carrot salad

Tuesday: Restaurant soup 'cause I was sick

Wednesday: Roast Chicken, creamed corn, cole slaw

Thursday: PW's Hamburgers, baked beans, cole slaw

Friday: Ground Turkey and Barley soup

Saturday and Sunday: Leftovers and Eat Out

Monday: Cream of Summer Squash soup, homemade rolls

FINAL RECIPE of Project: Homemade Pasta Alfredo, salad


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