Mar 8, 2009

Phase 1: Week 4--the dreaded basement

It's here. Week four. As I said, the basement is mostly "finished." It's not dungeon-like or anything.

What I'm dreading is the stuff. The basement is where everything that I was unwilling to make a decision about before is being stored. The basement is also where the 10 big boxes of baby stuff is. The basement storage represents what I haven't been willing to let go of. Until now. I'm going for a "percentage" of reduction. I have decided that I will keep 2 out of every 3 items, reducing our belongings by 33%. That's my plan, anyway!

It helps to break things down into small pieces. There are six "areas" to be considered:

  • Pantry (see HERE for pics)
  • Under stairs/hall area
  • Workshop with dreaded baby storage area
  • Sewing
  • Media
  • Exercise

Since there are six areas, I'm going to work six days this week on it. I'm going to start this evening and go through Friday.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow. The FUN part of this area is the fact that my decorating scheme has to do with 50s/60s rec room style. Circles are important to the theme. I've already got an "atomic" clock and a cool authentic lamp I'll be showing you as well as a yard sale find of matching chairs from about 1962. I even have a lava lamp!

I'll keep myself positive about this and have a good time with it. It will be good to FINALLY get this area finished!

For those who have longed for a basement, there IS one drawback. Our basement is actually a "wet" basement that we spent $5000 to make into a "dry" basement. Yesterday morning we discovered a 4 foot puddle in the workshop area. My dry basement is trying to revert. Thankfully it was where there is no carpeting. A service call will be made tomorrow!


Amie said...

hi Roxanne, thanks for commenting on my blog. I added my answer to the comments. Have a great day!

Gina R. said...

Hi Roxanne,

Thanks for stopping by my blog - it was so cool to see that I had a comment. :)
I love your blog - this era is special for me as I try to make our home a haven from the outside world. Still have a long way to go as I work my way through the clutter from five people and many years of living in the same home.

Roxanne said...


It's all about small steps. It's also nice to blog about it as it gives you the motivation of getting to share your progress.

And your blog is a pretty, neat place to "rest" while you're recuperating from your latest bout of decluttering LOL!

humblelabor said...

Hi Roxanne!
I'm cheering for you in support of the (dreaded) basement decluttering. You can do it! YOU CAN DO IT!!! YAY ROXANNE! You are going to declutter that basement! Hooray decluttered basement!

Silly, I know. ;)

Roxanne said...

Emily--with excellent cheering like that how can I NOT get up from the computer and go declutter another area??

I finished the easiest two of the areas. (I'm indicating their completion by putting them in bold on the sidebar.)

I am inspired. Off I go. I think I'll do the media area now...

Gina R. said...

Hi Roxanne,
Working on the small steps - have started with the never ending laundry. With three young ladies in the house, it seemed like I was always doing laundry. :) Now Monday is the day and if you want it washed it must be in the hamper or it's too bad! They are quickly realizing that I mean it too! lol

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