Nov 1, 2010

Christmas Nostalgia

The Vermont Country Store catalog came in my inbox. That combined with the 40 degrees outside and OUR FIRST SNOWFALL yesterday (it didn't stick) has me waxing nostalgic about Christmas. I went through their catalog and noted they carried the following items that I remember from MY childhood. The best, though, I saved for last.

(Hee, hee. I had to include the next pic for those of us into "fake" trees!)

I LOVE the bubble lights. They're mesmerizing. Many of mine have stopped bubbling, though. Perhaps I should order some through the catalog!

Are you in the mood for the Christmas season now? Click on my post from last year about Christmas trees and see if that helps boost you in that direction!


Packrat said...

I love that catalog. Haven't ordered anything for a while, so didn't get one this year. Fun stuff. I remember these things, too.

Roxanne said...

Packrat--For some reason my catalog comes to my email. I don't get the "real" catalog, either.

What's your favorite Christmas decoration of the past?

Packrat said...

My very favorite are the old Christmas lights. These were from my mother's childhood - the Santa I remember specifically, but there were others. When I was little Mom took them off the wiring and attached hangers. I hope my brother saves these...

Roxanne said...

Packrat--It's possible that my mom still has some of these.

BUT, she's been on a rampage to declutter and get some order to her house. That's great for her, but I suspect some things I'd like to have might disappear.

Knowing a bit about your history, do you think it would be counter-productive to ask your brother to give them to you?

(I may already know the answer to that one!)

Packrat said...

Counterproductive would be the polite way of phrasing what would happen.

I realized a while back that when we declutter, we are getting rid of things that someday will be worth/interesting to someone else. My grandmother was always saying "that's just old junk". Could never convince her that her Depression glassware was worth a fortune. Unfortunately, she would just randomly give pieces away to anyone who asked. Friends and relatives I don't mind, but ...

Oh, I'll see if I can find the Vermont catalog online, too. Don't need any more paper clutter!

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