Feb 3, 2011

Resolution Tuesday: 48 weeks to go

I know it's Thursday. You'll forgive me when I tell you that I've been buried by two unrelated activities: One is taxes. The other is nearly 2 feet of snow is less than 48 hours!

I actually did a post about my tax-doing experience. It seemed funny at the time. Apparently that was because I was tired and feeling grim. I just reread it and it is decidedly not funny. Maybe I'll post it anyway for those of you who are in the throes of doing the taxes yourselves. I think only you will "get it" and only while you're "there!"

On to my resolution update:

(As I posted HERE, I am going to "report in" on my resolution progress for the next 49 weeks. I had six areas (the seventh was doing this reporting) that I wanted to pay attention to this year. Posting about it keeps me accountable, which I find very helpful. I hope you don't mind!)

Area 1: Weight

Considering I've been doing the taxes and feeding my family whatever leftovers and PBJ combo we could come up with, I'm glad to say that I haven't gained any weight. I monitored things enough for that. Starting this morning I'm back on track.
Area 2: Family

Doing the taxes (there's a theme, I can tell) caused me to be a bit short-tempered. That's not an excuse, but that is what happened. Why is it so easy to be polite to other people when you're feeling gripey, but family members get to see Shrew-Woman? Shrew-Woman needs to get a grip. Shrew-Woman needs to cut it out!
Area 3: Schedule

Once again, the taxes circumvented life as I know it. I WAS able to keep up with the general cleaning and about half of the laundry. I also managed to shovel a foot of snow yesterday! That wasn't part of the schedule, but I had to brag on myself a bit.

Area 4: Chassis Maintenance

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Next.
Area 5: Debt

Yes, the taxes again. I am pleased to say that everything fell into place pretty well despite the computer program overwriting all my records from April to December of 2010. It took several hours to get them put back in, but it helped to refresh my mind about it all, too. As a result of all this, the rest of the week will be revamping our business paperwork process. Amen.

Area 6: Garden

Did I mention that the 2 feet of snow that fell yesterday added to what was already there? The houses on our street are all very short now. The sun is shining brightly today and the snow spray when the wind kicks up is all sparkly. Absolutely beautiful!
The groundhog did NOT see his shadow, by the way. That means I'll get that garden in sooner than I thought!


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